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Shoe Sizing

Sizing can be such a pain! Luckily we've made it easy for you to quickly pick the right shoe size for your Little Lovie.

LLC Shoe Sole Centimeters Inches
Baby Size 2 Soft Sole 11 4.33
Baby Size 3 Soft Sole 11.8 4.65
Baby Size 4 Soft Sole 12.6 4.96
Toddler Size 5 Rubber Sole 13.4 5.27
Toddler Size 6 Rubber Sole 14.2 5.59
Toddler Size 7 Rubber Sole 15 5.91
Toddler Size 8 Rubber Sole 15.8 6.22
Toddler Size 9 Rubber Sole 16.6 6.53
Toddler Size 10 Rubber Sole 17.4 6.85
Toddler Size 11 Rubber Sole 18.2 7.16
Toddler Size 12 Rubber Sole 19 7.48
Toddler Size 13 Rubber Sole 19.8 7.80
Kids Size 1 Rubber Sole 20.6 8.11
Kids Size 2 Rubber Sole 21.4 8.43
Kids Size 3 Rubber Sole 22.2 8.74
Kids Size 4 Rubber Sole 23 9.06
Mama Size 37EU Rubber Sole 23.4 9.21
Mama Size 38EU Rubber Sole 24.2 9.53
Mama Size 39EU Rubber Sole 25.1 9.88
Mama Size 40EU Rubber Sole 25.9 10.20
Mama Size 41EU Rubber Sole 26.8 10.55
Mama Size 42EU Rubber Sole 27.6 10.87

We've found that our Baby, Toddler, and Kids shoe sizes are similar to Standard US shoes sizes but they do fit slightly larger (it's best to measure just to be sure)


If you're more of a visual person (yeah, I'm looking at you), we created a printable shoe sizing guide to help you along your way! Just make sure that the Zoom is set to 100% on a 8.5"x11" (Letter or A4) page size, and then we can be sure the measurements will be accurate.

Download shoe sizing chart


Growing Kids

It's a common fact - kids grow! To tackle this, we suggest giving their shoes a head start in the race of life by adding an extra 1/4" to 1/2" to the shoe size. Not only will this help with socks but they'll also enjoy them longer - we think its a pretty great idea.


Hold the Phone!!

We know there really isn't one shoe sizing system that's universal (although that would be awesome!), so we please ask you not to use shoe sizes from different brands since the actual lengths vary.


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