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Little Lovies Closet is a mama ran shop in Winnipeg, MB. Started in 2014 shortly after my second son was born , it was originally wood signs, drinkware, various vinyl work and digital decor. My passion for bows was added to my business after my daughter was born in 2016 and it quickly took over! I am so passionate about bows and hair accessories and always bringing unique and fun styles and products to my shop.

All our hair accessories, mouse ears and kimonos are 100% handmade by myself with the help of my mother in law. I have an amazing support team who helps behind the scenes allowing me more time to do what I love most - create. Being a mama to 4 Lovies, I am an OCD planner and always working hard to keep our turn-around-time speedy fast without compromising quality.

We are so excited to be launching our custom shoe line in Spring 2020. Each shoe is lovingly designed by LLC and manufactured overseas. We work closely with our  manufacture during every stage to execute our designs. We are proud to offer cute, custom and affordable footwear for you and your littles.


Thank you always for all the support in love for my little shop. It truly means the world to myself and my family.


- Stacey