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Shipping/Pickup & Returns


Express Packaging Guidelines | Purolator


All purchases are shipped via various carries such as Fed Ex and Canada Post. Please note, on international orders duties or additional charges may apply.

Shipping Options

  • $1 Shipping with the Purchase of 3 Mystery Accessories
  • Lettermail Shipping in Canada
  • Local Pickup
  • Combined Shipping for tracked orders (Conditions Apply)


$1 Shipping with the Purchase of 3 Mystery Scrunchies

We have a NEW shipping option available! At checkout, select the shipping option "Add 3 MYSTERY Scrunchies for $15.99 and get shipping for only $1 more!" 

No discounts can be applied to the $15.99 for this shipping option. Type of shipping method varies and is determined on an order-by-order basis.


Lettermail Shipping in Canda 

Domestic (within Canada):

Items are shipped as letter mail; tracked shipping is available for purchase and can be selected at checkout.

Footwear is shipped as tracked shipping; letter mail is not available.

When choosing lettermail shipping, items may arrive vacuum sealed and require steaming/ironing.


All orders are packaged and shipped within 2 days of it being completed. Please understand letter mail can take up to 6-weeks to receive (although we hear it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks on average in Canada).

We understand your purchase is important and we take great care sending it on its way! We unfortunately can't guarantee the reliability of lettermail shipping, and would encourage upgrading to tracked shipping to ensure your purchase doesn't get misplaced or lost within the system.



Combined Shipping

Our combine shipping option will be for TRACKED SHIPMENTS ONLY for Canada . Combined shipping is not available for orders with lettermail shipping. All orders to be combined must be in the same purchasers name and address to qualify.
▪️ Purchase the TRACKED shipping option you would like (we have 2) on the initial order.
▪️ If your initial order has not yet shipped, you can add more orders to the shipment by selecting the FREE combine ship option (please check your order status on your account or order confirmation email prior to combining to see if it has shipped)
▪️ When a new order is combined, the turnaround time starts over from the date of the newest order.
▪️ Want your goodies to ship but you want to order more? No problem! Just start over by purchasing your preferred shipping on a new order. This tells us to stop combining and ship the previous order(s) and the cycle starts over!
▪️ Do you need to email to combine? Nope! We see your name and when you select the 'combine' shipping, that tells us to find your previous orders and attach them
▪️ What if you've paid lettermail and want to order more to combine? We can absolutely upgrade your shipping! Please email us and we'll let you know how ☺
▪️ How long can I continue to combine? Really as long as you want but we do want to get your goodies out to you eventually 😉.


If shipping is required but not paid, we will contact you to pay the appropriate shipping. We are unable to refund/ cancel orders because shipping was not paid. Items will be available for local pick up if no shipping is paid until it is paid or alternate arrangements are made. 


Local Pickup - All Items

Local pick up is in East St Paul at 20 Elkhart Lane.

Pick up is Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. There is a pick up box by the front door with pink bow stickers on it (monitored by camera ;) ) and once you receive your email from the site that your order is ready, it will be available got pick up. Please book a time on our pick up calendar and it will be available in the pick up bin that day. It goes without saying, PLEASE ONLY TAKE WHAT IS YOURS. This system is great for you to pick at your convenience but only works with the honour system. Should the bin not be going out, an announcement will be made within our Facebook VIP group with all the details. Please do make sure to join the VIP group to see these notifications.

To join the Little Lovies Facebook VIP Group, click here.


  • Please click the link below to book your day and time to pick up:


    If you are wanting same day pickup, please email and we will do our best to accommodate. In an effort to provide everyone with a timely pickup experience, please be mindful of your scheduled time.

 ▪️ Please pick up your order(s) within 1 year from date it is completed. After 1 year it is considered abononded if not picked up. No refunds will be given for abononded orders. 


Being a small shop, we strive to provide as many options as we can while still trying to maintain affordable prices - our goal is to help everyone have some fun with shoes, clothing and accessories and express their unique personalities.  With this in mind we unfortunately can't accept returns at this time, and all sales are considered final. We appreciate your understanding.