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Hey There! My name is Stacey and I am the bow mama behind Little Lovies Closet. I wasn't always bow crazy , but my daughter, Kendrix, changed all that. Let me introduce myself and let you know a little more about the mama behind the bows - The Bow Lady.


Four years ago - November 15, 2014, Little Lovies Closet was born. I talk about it like it is my 5th child haha. I have been crafty and creative since I can remember and after much encouragement from my husband and family I took the plunge to open a little shop. I had ZERO expectations and was so naive on the handmade community. I stumbled across the most amazing local Facebook page (Handmade Winnipeg) and the rest is history! My shop has evolved SO much over these past 4 years but my true passion is my bows. About six months ago I decided to dive in to the bow making again ( I had done it briefly two years prior) and the response to my bows was so overwhelming and amazing! From there it exploded literally overnight and I haven't looked back. Going forward, bows will be my primary focus.



Little Lovies is for my kiddos. I have 4 ; my stepdaughter Emma is 11 years old, My sons Lexton (age 5 years) and Maddex (age 4 years), and my little girl, Kendrix (2 years). The closet part comes from when I first opened my shop and my focus was closet dividers. Funny how my shop has evolved but I wouldn't change my name because it is a part of me and a brand I am building. I have been out and people stop and say, " Hey! You're Little Lovies!" Yes, yes I am! But I think the name totally works for bows too!! I have my army of Little Lovies :) 



Ah the bows! When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter after I had two boys , I was so excited! She was our last child no matter the gender and I had always dreamed of having a girl too. The day we found out she was in fact a girl, I came home and bought bows online. I bought bows for the next 6 months just waiting for her to be born and as soon as she was, she had a bow on. We have been bow obsessed ever since. Bow was actually one of her first words ( after mama and dada of course) and she will ask for a bow daily. She often changes her bow throughout the day too! I had been making her bows from before she was born and added them to my shop briefly before I focused my efforts elsewhere. About six months ago, I decided I wanted to add them to my shop again - not thinking they would be the focus of my shop but boy, was I wrong! They were an instant hit ! I was so humbled and shocked and honoured all at the same time that so many people wanted to adorn their lovies in my bows. The saying is definitely true that when you buy from handmade, a real person does a happy dance. I still do a happy dance every time my phone dings with a bow order. I love to make bows - I dream about bows haha and not a day goes by that I don't pop in my office and do something bow related because it is my passion. 

Thank you so much to everyone for all your bow love, kind words, tags in posts - I truly appreciate it all and it makes my heart so, so happy.


-Love, Stacey

The Bow Lady

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